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The Gulf and Brazos Valley Railroad

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Greg Harrison

The Gulf and Brazos Valley Railway first came into consideration as early as the mid-1880s, as Mineral Wells was desperate to access the new Texas & Pacific Railroad, which had just completed its cross-Texas mainline 10 miles to the south. Ultimately, the new line was envisioned to become part of larger railroad mainline that connected the Brazos Valley with the Gulf of Mexico to the south. The T&P, with a more immediate eagerness to reach Mineral Wells in order to offer lucrative passenger service to the famous health spas there, offered to assist the G&BV, but shortly after went into receivership; thus the surveying and grade work already completed for the new spur line was put on hold.

After a couple of brief re-starts over the ensuing years, the G&BV finally got a break — but only after Mineral Wells got their T&P access via the Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern. Progress continued on the G&BV, however; construction started at a junction with the T&P at Peck City (the town of Bennett today) and headed north to Mineral Wells. Besides the initial troubles the G&BV had getting the their line built, the WMW&NW refused to allow the new G&BV to cross their tracks in order to access Mineral Wells proper; in order to stop further progress, the WMW&NW went so far as to park their boxcars at the intended site of the grade crossing. An agreement was reached in time, and the G&BV was finally able to access their intended city. The passenger station was located in the 300 block of SE 1st Avenue (formerly SE Mesquite Street), a block north from that of the WMW&NW.

Despite the efforts and the defeated obstacles, the G&BV lasted only a few years, and was sold at a sheriff's auction in nearby Weatherford in 1902.

The right-of-way itself followed closely the nearby Rock Creek; its flood plain was flat and generally straight, offering an easy grade within the otherwise hilly Brazos Valley. The map above shows only the known, traceable portion of the former G&BV right-or-way, the rest being lost to nature...and time.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was intended as a freight only road and it's southern terminus with the T&P was at Bennet. The Bennet road runs north and follows a relatively easy uphill grade from Bennet beginning with a sweeping curve from the east. From there the road looks like it possibly follows the old ROW up to the Milsap HWY. at it's end, Bennet road curves east, but the ROW would have continued on straight and crossing Milsap HWY where a road continues on in the direction of rock creek. If you zoom out on a sat map it's not hard to connect what appears to be a gravel road with gently sweeping curves to the end of the known ROW shown on the map. I'm not sure this is the actual route, but it easily could be. I'm a little familiar with the Bennet area from working on a tie gang through there in 1998.

Mike Novak
Granbury , TX


Peck City was NOT where Bennet is today. It was just East of where the T&P Railway crossed Rock creek, about halfway between Bennet and Millsap.The east part of the wye was visable in the 1970's , the west leg was washed away by

Rock creek. All is on private property today. I researched the line in the 1970's including right of way deeds in the Palo Pinto courthouse. I hiked much of the ROW along rock creek, found old rock culverts and RR spikes. Much old roadbed was still visable in 1963 north of highway 180 west of golf course.New motels and High School obliterated any trace.

Gary Hampton
Lived in Mineral Wells,, IN


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