Greenville to Stanton

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Greg Harrison

This trackage was abandoned by Chessie in the late 1980's. This was part of the route from Elmdale to Saginaw. The line was in pace from Malta Jct (with GTW) just south of Lowell to Greenville up till 2010. When ElectroLux pulled their plant from Greenville to Jaurez, Mexico the line north of Lowell went out of service and was pulled last year. When I see Kelly Ripa advertise for ElectroLux I think of what those SOB's did to Montcalm County and the hundreds of good jobs lost. The stuff made in Juarez was designed and the prototypes were the last things built by Greenville ElectroLux. Kelly can...well you know..OFF by the way. We hauled many many boxcars of refrigerators out of that town and what didn't go by boxcar went via truck to pig ramps in Chitown.

Daniel Gless
Rockford, MI


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