Greenfield to Chillicothe

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

There Was Multiple Lines Converging On Greenfield At One Time. OneFrom The Rest, Which Is This One, The One From The North, And One From The West. At One Time Greenfield Had Alot Of Industry But Not Anymore. There Are a Few Dead Spurs Around Town From Them. Nothing Runs These Rails Now, Its Been Several Years Since a Train Tan On Them...

Logan Stanforth
Greenfield, OH


This line was the B&O route to Cincinnati and St. Louis. I believe this stretch was abandoned around 1986 when the route was severed between Parkersburg W.Va. and Cincinnati. It is sad to see this once busy main line broken to pieces throughout W.Va. and Ohio.

Brian S.
Troy, OH


i do believe C.S.X. did themselves a great disservice in letting these lines go and ripping them up / all were still intact when i moved to south florida in 1980 --- should have mothballed them inactive like norfolk southern did with their east west lines in georgia so when the uptick in freight came in the mid to late nineties they would have been in a much better position to handle it --- the log jam around queensgate in cinci could have been avoided entirely by using B&Os washington-ST LOUIS main -- connecting with the B&O [CINCINNATI HAMILTON&DAYTON] branch at chillicothe that ran north and west through washington courthouse xenia and dayton connecting with the toledo to cinci main on the north side of dayton --- the Chiken S*#t Xpress has not exactly been visionarry or far sighted in its treatment of its [secondary] lines . . .

scott burrell
lake worth , FL


This line was the mainline of the old B&O from Cumberland, MD to Cincinnati and on to East St. Louis, Il with trackage rights into St. Louis, MO. When abandoned in 1985 it appeared that the 10-12 trains per day could be rerouted to the north and enter Cumberland from the Sand Patch line from Pittsburgh. Given today's regularly scheduled CSX freights, if the line was still in place, about 5-7 trains could be run over the line M- F and maybe only 4 on weekends. The high cost of maintenance of this line and the need to put signals along much of the unsignaled( dark) line would probably still not justify it being mothballed, although I personally believe that it would have been best not to take up the line, as others trains could use the line as far as Chillicothe, or Athens.

Timothy Robb
Buckhannon, WV


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