Lake to Green Spring Junction

The Green Spring Branch


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The former passenger station at Stevenson is now used as a private business. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2012.

This branch dates to some of the earliest rail road construction in the US. The line connected to the Northern Central on it's east end and ironically, the place was named origionally named Relay (similar to the Relay on the B&O) since horses were changed out here. The branch never really made much money and was eventually taken over by the Western Maryland as it's gateway west from the Hillen Street yards in the city. This section was the WM's main line until the expansion in the early 1900s to Port Covington. Passenger service and shipments to Sparrows Point were diverted to a new connection to PRR's Baltimore and Patomac not far from the western portal of the tunnel. From what I know, the rite of way remained under NC/PRR ownership and saw some usage through World War 2. Once abandoned, a small portion of the right of way in Lee Park was used to store the Baltimore Street Car Museum collection for a few years. Some tracks were still extant in the park and may still be there. At least two of the stations are now private homes and many sections of the right of way are still noticable.

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The area of the rail road that is from where I-695 crosses over Falls Road through Robert E. Lee Park is now a non-paved though publicly maintained trail. Also, right next to the I-695 bridge over falls road, there is an old, decaying bridge over a stream. I am not sure if it is part of the railroad, as the map shows the old railroad to be on the other side of Falls Road, but it looks like it would be from the same time.

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