Glo, Kentucky

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The Glo Spur

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Map submitted by Shaun Allen.

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Greg Harrison

The Glo Spur consisted of approximately two miles of track total; the town of Glo itself once had a coal tipple, coal mine, company store, coal office, hotel, and more. The C&O would leave empty cars on the team track, where a local switcher would spot them under the tipple for loading and start spotting pre-loaded cars on the team track. Meanwhile, the C&O locomotives would run light south to Wayland, KY, turn around at a turntable there, and head back to Glo. When they returned, they would pick up the loaded cars on the team track and head back to Martin, KY, where there was a 10-track yard.

The Glo Spur operated from 1921 - 1954.

Thanks to Shaun Allen for contributing information about this route.

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