Glenwood to Chicago Heights, IL

The Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal was a switching road in the Chicago area that was absorbed into CSX in the 1980s. While some segments are still in service, this segment was likely abandoned in the 1980s after the CSX merger/consolidation. The right-of-way in this area will eventually be incorporated into the American Discovery (bicycle) Trail.

This bridge is in Glenwood, IL on the former Baltimore & Ohio Ch...
This bridge is in Glenwood, IL on the former Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal (later CSX), a switching line south of Chicago. This line was likely abandoned when CSX obtained trackage rights on the parallel Union Pacific (which was originally the Chicago & Eastern Illinois and later the Missouri Pacific). Photo by Bob Huffman, 2004.

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The Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal used this line as a factory spur only. The road terminated in Chicago Heights and was connected to the Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer (now UP). The Milwaukee Road used this line to connect to the Chicago Heights to Terre Haute Indiana line. When service was discontinued in the late 1970s, the line was not needed any more. There is an overpass that used to exist for the tracks to go underneath the UP/CSX line.

The CSX trains that use the UP track ROW are separate from the ones that used this line.

The tracks are in use at the Thornton quarry north of Glenwood to the CN (GTW) junction.

Lloyd Baker
Chicago Hts, IL

Was once traveling south of Blue Island, Illinois, believe on route 57. Crossing tracks at grade level, somewhere very south of Blue Island, saw numerous amounts of Rock Island equipment sitting in a large yard, just west of the crossing. Do not remember exact location, however, time period was summer of 1984, or, spring of 1985. Help! Thanks

Elyria, OH

I believe that the Glenwood School had a siding for its coal for the boilers. A friend of mine (now passed) used to talk about helping the building engineer when he was a student there many years ago, when the school had its own farm, the land now occupied by homes.

Bob Leffingwell
Chicago, IL

Bob - if you look at the school on google maps you can see where the siding was... it curved off the line towards the west, just a few feet north of where glenwood-chicago heights road crosses over the tracks. also if you drive along 187th right there, you can still see the cut in trees where it crossed over onto the school property.

Henry R
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for that information, Bob. I remember seeing the spur covered in weeds and wondered what it was used for. I also remember hiking the tracks in the early 1970s and a switch type engine was going up the tracks. The engineer let us tour it and was very nice. I did see only one Milwaukee Road freight train on the line close to the Sauk Trail crossing. Other than that, I have never seen a train using those tracks. I guess their heyday was done by then.

Lloyd B
Chicago, IL

Does anyone know the name of the factory near those tracks? I know it was torn down, just curious what it was I used to go exploring there when I was younger.

David Bement
South Chicago Heights, IL

Walked this line many times. Never found any easement for a coal track to GSB. Never saw an B&O train on it either. B&O ran passenger trains on this line up until the Depression.

By the 70's MOPAC and the "J" were doing all the switching within the Chicago Heights Complex. The line was abandoned after MILW/CTH&SE ended operations. Last line haul train I saw was a SOO powered coal train late in the evening. I thought it was early 1980's, but I could be wrong.

Track replaced by bike path south of Quarry. Tail of remaining track was washed out by a flood several years ago.

Dan Fitzgerald
Chicago Hts, IL

Grew up hanging around this line in the Harvey/South Holland area late 60's early 70's. There was a daily B&O GP unit run from Barr yard(?) to Chicago Heights they called the "heights run" mostly for the factory that made train wheels down there etc. Milwaukee Road runs came through I think daily. My cousins grandfather was the engineer on the B&O switch engine for the factories at Halsted St. Had 2 or three rides with him. Several times when the "heights run" came north and stopped, we would get on the caboose and visit with the guy (JIm?) inside. One day when I could not join them They where on the caboose just northwest of the curve by 159th st. A Milwaukee Road covered wagon run came north aound the curve and they all had to jump for their lives. They said they saw a MR crewman jump off the engine. It was a real mess for days. Nobody died. Ahh memories.

Harvey, IL

Rode my bike on this trail many times. Just recently noticed an old signal mast facing north about 1/2 mile south of Glenwood/Chgo,Hts rd

chicago heights , IL