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This is the Ellis Mill Road grade crossing in Glassboro. How many years have the tracks been out of service for the greenery to grow that large? Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2004.

This abandoned railway line was first built by the West Jersey Railroad, a subsidiary of the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad (itself under the control of the Pennsylvania Railroad), in 1862. Ultimately the line came under the control of the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore (P-RSL) Lines. It diverted from the P-RSL, now Conrail Shared Operations Cape May line at Glassboro, and extended south to Bridgeton. This line is shown as active in the 1975 US Department of Transportation maps, and it might have been abandoned when Conrail was formed in 1976.

At Elmer, which is roughly midway between Glassboro and Bridgeton, there was a branch that ran west to Riddleton on the Salem branch.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

There was a "wye" there in Glassboro where The Bridgeton branch diverged from the Millville Branch (current day Vineland Secondary) and also the Mullica Hill, and Williamstown Branches crossed over The Bridgeton Branch there in Glassboro. Most of the line (at least to Rt 55 from Glassboro) is still intact, but overgrown completely with trees.



Looks like the last train ran on the line as late as 1984, and the tracks- in an a rather amazing short-sided fit- were ripped up (except for some portions in the woods before it crossed the future rt 55) in October of 1985. The line was definitely worthy of abandonment, it was redundant trackage; but it should never have been ripped up. At the very least it could relieve some of the growing congestion on the Vineland Secondary which has been steadily picking up traffic.

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I don't think the line isn't fully abandoned at both ends. Track in Glassboro still remain out-of-service (from a trusted rail-source) from the now closed ADM Cocoa factory towards the active Conrail line (the crossings with Sewell Street and Ellis Mill Road have been removed since around June 2004). Track from Ellis Mill Road to active Conrail line is still used as a storage track, as that section has been recently cleared as of December 2012 during a tie replacement project on the Vineland Secondary (the track south of Ellis Mill Road remains but completely overgrown with trees. Also, about a little over a quarter of a mile of track is still used as a storage track in Bridgeton from the CNJ diamond northward along Route 77 to near Route 56.

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Sewell, NJ


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