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Greg Harrison

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Former UP Fullerton depot, moved from its original location (it is now trackside to the BNSF). Today it serves as an Old Spaghetti Factory. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2008.

This segment was an extension of a Union Pacific branch into the citrus-growing region of Orange County. It was built in the early 1920s, well after the Pacific Electric, Southern Pacific and Santa Fe had already constructed tracks in the area. The abandoned segment of the line paralleled the Santa Fe for its entire length. In some places the lines were adjacent; in other areas they were about a block apart.

The UP crossed the Santa Fe (now the BNSF Transcon) on a diamond at 'Basta' in west Fullerton. When the line south of Fullerton was abandoned, in the early 1990s, the diamond was removed and the UP was connected to the BNSF with a switch.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

Thumbing thru some notes as Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am reminded that the last four miles of U.P.'s Anaheim Branch (from Basta to end of track in Anaheim) were authorized by ICC effective November 25, 1993, fifteen years ago, which was Thanksgiving Day of that year. An anniversary for us to share of sorts.

Steve Donaldson
Originally Orange County(now SF Peninsula), CA


Portions of this route, including the bridge over Lemon St. are now being used by Metrolink's new alignment to serve it's recently built Track 4 platform in Fullerton. The areas shown in photos 2 and 3 (that entire 90° curve) have track once again that connects to the Metrolink Orange Sub (the former Santa Fe Fourth District) at "CP Orangethorpe". In addition, a new Metrolink storage yard occupies the alignment of the branch between Orangethorpe Ave. and the Riverside Freeway.

David Styffe
Fullerton, CA


Meant to say ICC abdmt authorized in my post, but this site doesn't have an edit function.

Steve Donaldson
San Carlos, CA


Interesting stuff! The west Fullerton "Basta" term almost certainly was named after late 19th-century Basque sheep rancher Domingo Bastanchury, whose landholdings in this area were so extensive that "all three railroads – the Union Pacific, the Santa Fe and the Pacific Electric -- ran spur lines to his ranch house." (still standing at 419 E. Las Palmas, Fullerton) http://www.ci.fullerton.ca.us/gov/departments/dev_serv/planning_/historic_fullerton/1918_1925_residential/bastanchury_house.asp - T Hampson, author Brea:Celebrating 75 Years

Teresa Hampson
Formerly Brea, now Santa Rosa


Always wondered if Basta was from a "misspelling" of Basque. Used to live on Basque Ave.

Andy Jackson
SF Springs nee Fullerton, CA


The west end of the abandoned UP tracks is now used by BNSF for mostly intermodal storage.

Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs , CA


As a child I grew up in a house adjacent the the UP tracks just to the West of Atchison St. The tracks ended just before Broadway, and there was a turntable powered by locomotive steam for the engines to turn around for their daily return trip. I still have a UPRR lantern that the train crew gave me for bringing them my mother's cookies. But, that was over 70 years ago!

James McIlwain
Mission Viejo, CA


Cool memory, James, that TTvshoscup,in aerial photoscofvdepotbneighborhoodcarcAPL.

OC originally, now BatvArea, CA


The UP has cut back this line even further north. The track is intact, however the grade crossing signals now have "tracks out of service" signs and lights turned in. I have not explored how far north the abandonment extends. The business park just north/west of the former BNSF crossing at Basta is still served by rail from this line - a short segment maybe 1/10 of a mile is still active. I'm not sure if it is BNSF, or if UP has extended trackage rights.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA


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