Abandoned Rails of

Fresno, California

Former AT&SF track remnant in foreground with the former freight station in background. Note the "Santa Fe" sign has not been maintained. A BNSF TOFC (piggyback) train passes by on the mainline behind the freight station. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2011.
A crossbuck still stands guard at the abandoned crossing with Mono Street. It has seen better days. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2011.
Track remnants at the former Inyo Street crossing. Brick building at left is now a bakery. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2011.

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
Docket: 18619 8/3/1954 Section: 1 & 5
App. of the City of Fresno, California, for (1) issuance of a certificate of pub. convenience and nec. authorizing The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company to abandon operations and remove segments of its tracks within Fresno, Calif. and substitution therefore, trackage rights over the Southern Pacific Company, in and near Fresno, California, including the joint building and use of a union passenger station by both railroads.

—  User Comments  —

I lived in Fresno for 10 years in the 1980s-90s. The Santa Fe (now BNSF of course) is alive and well on mostly its original alignment - the abandonment above didn't really happen. Tracks got moved in a few spots downtown in the 1980s, but not far. The track remnants in the photos appear to be of old industrial tracks in the depot vicinity. That old 2-story station was the Amtrak station for most of the time I lived there; Amtrak has since moved to the next building north (to the left in the photo) which was mostly abandoned or BNSF offices when I lived there.

Fresno has wanted to move the BNSF nee Santa Fe tracks over to the UP alignment for many years (apparently at least since the 1950s see above). Nobody has ever had the money to take a realistic shot at it. Simply sharing tracks (trackage rights) with UP won't work any more, even if it might have worked back then.

Mike B
Folsom, CA

I've been meaning to post this but have been forgetting. However, as of about a month ago, when I noticed it, the lone cross buck is no longer there. Work is being done on the sidewalk/road (some construction company project with the buildings there) and they have ripped out the cross buck and some of the old track that was in that spot.

Scottie Giese
Fresno, CA