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Looking southwest along the right-of-way. The overpass in the background is the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90). Photo by Aaron M.

This abandoned railway began in 1853 as the Fremont and Indiana Railroad. The original line started at Fremont and ran to Peoria, Illinois. It became part of the Lake Erie and Western Railroad in 1880. Somewhere in this time in was extended north to Sandusky. It became part of the New York Central System in 1900; however, it was never integrated into the NYC. It was later sold to the Nickel Plate Road (NKP), itself becoming part of the Norfolk & Western Railroad (N&W) in 1964.

The last train to use this track was around 1965. This may have been due to the fact that the N&W purchased the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Columbus-Sandusky line in 1964 (still in use by Norfolk Southern), which provided a more direct connection with the NKP mainline and Sandusky.

Today, the portion of the line from Fostoria to Sandusky via Fremont has been abandoned, with much of the right-of-way remaining undeveloped. South of Fostoria, the line is still active. One source states that track was still in place as late as the late-1970s.

Thanks to Aaron M. for contributing information about this route.

thank you for this information! i grew up on pine street in fremont ohio. As a child myself and friends would ride to the end of pine street, cross an undeveloped field to cottage street, continue east down a stone drive into the woods where we road our bicycles on a trail that crossed bark creek. The bridge that crossed bark creek was the remains of an abandoned concrete tressel, which according to the map it's of the origional route before the "bypass". No one i've talked to in fremont had any information on this. The part that would really get me is the map shows the line comming in to fremont from sandusky and end near that pine street location and end. Was that really the end of that line or could've it continued on through town? If it did continue on any idea as to the course. Did it use one of the two tressels that cross the sandusky river near south fifth street and hayes ave., or could've there been another tressel built years ago for that line. Plus any info and especially photos would be great!!! Thank you very much once again and hope to here from you

kevin rich
fremont, OH


The segment east of Fremont indicated as part of the original route before a bypass was built was actually part of the northern route of the Lake Shore Electric Railway interurban line, which then followed the right-of-way of the LEW to Ceylon junction, where the LSE rejoined the its southern route to Sandusky.

The segment southwest of Fremont indicated as part of the original route before a bypass was built was the Fostoria and Fremont interurban line, which then followed the right-of-way of the LEW to Fostoria.

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