Abandoned Rails of

Fremont County

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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
Docket: 15684 3/18/1947 Section: 1(18)
App. of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company to abandon three portions of its lines of railroad In Fremont County, Colorado, aggregating approximately 11.21 miles in length.
Length: 11.210 miles Citation: 267 ICC 812  

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Specific locations (each termini) would be nice. This is pretty vague

Fox NorthStar
Bennington, VT

This is referenced, apparently by Tivis Wilkins in Colorado railroads: Chronological development. He describes the abandonment by saying, "Two sections of main line trackage between Portland and Canon City (sg) (Trackage rights were granted over D&RGW tracks from Adobe, near Portland, to Canon City.)"

"Rockvale Branch: ...Clelland south to D&RGW tracks (including both legs of a wye (sg) ...Rockvale to Kenwood (sg)"

Thanks for providing the specific date from the ICC filing! All I have are Wilkins' descriptions and the year it happened. If you have further questions, look me up at my site at http://www.corailroads.com

Steve Walden, corailroads.com
Wheat Ridge, CO