Abandoned Rails of

Fremont County, CO

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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
Docket: 15684 3/18/1947 Section: 1(18)
App. of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company to abandon three portions of its lines of railroad In Fremont County, Colorado, aggregating approximately 11.21 miles in length.
Length: 11.21 miles Citation: 267 ICC 812

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Specific locations (each termini) would be nice. This is pretty vague

Fox NorthStar
Bennington, VT

According to SPC Colorado Rail Atlas the ATSF did have lines in Fremont County through its subsidiary Pueblo and Arkansas Valley. The lines ran from Pueblo as far west as Canon City. It looks like there were a few lines with places such as Prospect Heights, Brookside, Clelland, Florence, Independent Mine, Williamsburg, Rockvale, Coal Creek Mine, Kenwood and Corley Mine.

Robert Hallanger
Colfax, CA

This is referenced, apparently by Tivis Wilkins in Colorado railroads: Chronological development. He describes the abandonment by saying, "Two sections of main line trackage between Portland and Canon City (sg) (Trackage rights were granted over D&RGW tracks from Adobe, near Portland, to Canon City.)"

"Rockvale Branch: ...Clelland south to D&RGW tracks (including both legs of a wye (sg) ...Rockvale to Kenwood (sg)"

Thanks for providing the specific date from the ICC filing! All I have are Wilkins' descriptions and the year it happened. If you have further questions, look me up at my site at http://www.corailroads.com

Steve Walden, corailroads.com
Wheat Ridge, CO