Abandoned Interlocking

The abandoned right-of-way of the M&StL/C&NW railroads, as seen from the Boone & Scenic Valley Railway. It looks as if a small yard was here at one time, probably for the interchange of coal trains. Today, nothing remains. Photo by Jeremy Harris, October 2008.

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As a x employee& volunteer of the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. The picture shown is of the gravel spur at Fraser, IA. The M&StL was further west up the Niles Hill about 2 1/2 miles west. The location was Wolf on The Fort dodge Des Miones & Southern railroad. the M&StL was abandond in the 1930's. The picture is in the area of Fraser yards and power house for the electric railroad. Had 4 tracks plus 2 tracks for the power house. Now only the main line and one pass track are left.

James Duff
Boone,, IA