Paris to Dardanelle

The Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island Railroad

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(Forwarded from the Fort Smith, Subiaco & Eastern Railroad)

This railway line started out as the Paris–Subiaco Traction Company in 1908, renamed to the Fort Smith, Subiaco and Eastern Railroad in 1909, and finally the Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island Railroad by 1919. It stretched roughly 40 miles along a circuitous route between Paris and Dardanelle, via Subiaco and Scranton.

The eastern half of the line between Scranton and Dardanelle was abandoned by 1945, with the rest of the line closing down in 1962.

I have a crate of box car seals, waybills, train order forms, and other memorabilia as related to this railroad, which I purchased at an auction here in Oklahoma City back in 1971 at Warner Oil company.

Steve Davis
Oklahoma City, OK


I have found "trip pass" cards for my father, Lazare Baker that state he was Secretary of this RR. Is there any way to find out who was the President, etc. in 1931, 32? His grand father was Sam Lazarus who owned the Quanah, Acme and Pacific RR in TX.

Linda Nash
Hendersonville, NC


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