Fort Scott to Wichita

The Saint Louis, Fort Scott and Wichita Railroad

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Fort Scott, Humboldt & Western Railroad)

This abandoned railway was first conceived when the Saint Louis, Fort Scott, Wichita and Western Railroad was chartered to connect Wichita with Fort Scott in 1880. By 1883, the entire line between Fort Scott and Wichita had been completed, and was under the ownership of the Saint Louis, Fort Scott and Wichita Railroad, a subsidiary of Missouri Pacific.

The far eastern portion of the line in Fort Scott was originally built by the Fort Scott, Humboldt and Western Railroad in the 1870s.

Parts of the line are still in service, but a majority of the line has been abandoned within the last 20 years.

I wote a book which was publish in 1982 entitled RailsRrivarly and Romance and it features this railroad in detail. Since then I have come onto several more photos and items about this line which had its general offices located in fort Scott.

donald banwart
Fort Scott, KS


Looking at this line on Google Earth (dated 3/2104) this line appears to remain in servcie. Track is in place, grade crossing devices remain at road intersections, etc.

Phil Nichols
Marion, OH


This line is not in service, Fort Scott to Bronson was abandoned in 1965, Bronson to Iola 1977, Iola to Piqua 1987, Piqua to Durand 1994, West Yates Center to East El Dorado 1994.

Harold Rogers
Fort Scott, KS


Point 517 -- The Spur that is unknown it was used for appears to have been for an oil field, right about where on the west end it split near the lakes. However, after careful study of quadrangle maps, there is no evidence that it went any further than the first north/south road. It only shows up as an old railroad grade on the 1966 map, no other quadrangles even show the old line.

Kelly McClanahan
Kansas City, MO


Yeah, the tracks do not pass over 4600th St. just west of the split. There were structures there in the '60's.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


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