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The Fort Jackson Spur

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Greg Harrison

This short spur allowed Fort Jackson, just outside Columbia, SC, to have rail access to two different railroad lines: a former Atlantic Coast Line/Seaboard Coast Line route from Sumter, and a Southern Railway line. The two lines ran adjacent to each other, and were connected by a short spur track just west of the main spur from the ACL/SCL line at Sims, SC.

Today, both rail lines are still in use, and the southern portion of the spur is used for car storage.

I'm glad to see this line on here. The line is intact all the way to Garners Ferry.

Elgin, SC


Yeah, it's still there from the CSX (former ACL) line turnout to a point just off Garner's Fy Rd, next to the I-77 southbound onramp. It ends at a new (as of the abandonment) concrete platform occasionally used to load/unload military hardware now trucked to/from Ft. Jackson (It's visible in the sat view as a white square). The connector to the Norfolk-Southern line, & the remainder past Garner's Fy into the fort campus, is gone.

While the usefulness of the rail connection declined, esp as soldiers no longer came & went by rail, the more immediate cause was the construction of I-77.

Where you see I-77 crossing the route just outside the southern limit of Ft. Jack, there is a drastic change of elevation, from the topo looks like about 50' in 1/2 mi (never seen the actual grade while it was intact, but must've been pretty steep). I-77 required a considerable hillside cutting & grading in the same area. Drive I-77 there & you'll see; the present hi-tension line on the hillside roughly follows the old ROW. It apparently would have been very expensive to try to create a crossing, as it was hi at the S side of the hwy ROW, low at the N side. I'm sure that, & the problems the route would have caused at the ends of the G.F. Rd. ramps, was the last straw in that case.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC


I have heard that around Christmas time they used to bring in Two Chartered Amtrak's into the fort. I'm not sure how valid it is, as this is secondhand knowledge. The trains were boarded around the hospital on Fort Jackson. The old warehouses all have doors that would fit box cars on the side, so in that area there were two to four tracks at one time. Also near the new gas station there is a very small piped culvert still visible under the right of way. It is easy to trace on post, as there is a gap in the trees where it used to be.

Elgin, SC


On Veteran's Drive, you can tell there used to be a grade crossing which would have connected the Southern to the ACL. I suppose this allowed the Southern to get to Fort Jackson? I never put two and two together on that until now.

Joe Hinson
Lancaster, SC


I have pictures of this line on the base. Also pictures on the off base, if you want them

Jonathan Hinely
Elgin, SC


Troops did travel on this line around Christmas time.(mid to late sixties) I used to hop on it behind Cedar Terrace Shopping Center and ride to Garners Ferry Rd.

Richland County, SC


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