Fort Bragg to Camp Two Ten Mile

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Photo by Walt Whittaker, 1998.

These photos show various views of the Pudding Creek trestle on an abandoned section of the California Western. This line headed north, parallel to CA Route 1 from Fort Bragg to the Ten Mile River, and served lumber mills in the area. After the rails were removed in 1954 the bridge was still used by logging trucks. A coastal trail is planned for this area.

Thanks to Walt Whittaker for contributing information about this route.

There is a real good foot concrete walkway atop this structure.

Bob Fletcher
Cariichael, CA


The rest of the California Western Railway, AKA the Skunk Train, is still operational as a full-fledged tourist line. Freight operations ended in 2001.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA


The Pudding Creek Trestle was for the California Railroad (CRR), not the California Western Railroad (CWR). The CWR was a common carrier and was regulated by the federal government. The CRR was a private railroad, running on private track and was used to haul logs to the Union Lumber Company in Fort Bragg. The rails were taken up in 1949 and the railroad bed was converted into a truck road. The Union Lumber Company needed a private haul road because It's trucks were too heavy to travel on the state highway.

Jan Haagen-Smit
Fort Bragg, CA


With the new NWP supposedly headed up to willits in 2015, The California Western has expressed interest in the possibility of resuming freight service (if they still have customers).



There is a potential for freight service. They could use the old G-P Mill sidings as a transload facility. Transloading works for the Strasburg Rail Road, so why not for the CWR? Of course, they'd probably have to buy a few new locomotives, most likely gensets so the Geeps and 45 can remain exclusively passenger locomotives.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA


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