Abandoned Rails of Fond Du Lac

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This is part of the Fond du Lac to Clyman Junction segment. A short segment of this line had been left intact from the junction with the ex-Soo Line (now Canadian National's mainline through Fond du Lac) to a point a few thousand feet southwest of the Rolling Meadows Drive crossing. This abandonment took out the middle portion of this line, including the bridge across Highway 41. One customer immediately northwest of the now-removed Hickory Street crossing is still served from the old CNW/Soo Line connection, and the customers near Rolling Meadows Drive are served via a new connecting track south of Highway 41.

Milwaukee, WI


Chicago & Northwestern once owned a line running to Princeton . Are there any indications left to know if a rail line existed through the cities in between ? It would have been during the steam locomotive days, I would assume. There would have been a massive iron bridge where the Fond du Lac park is now. And there would have been next to nobody living around the base of Lake Winnebago. I've only found archived names of all the cities along the Sheboygan - Fond du Lac -Princeton route.

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