Southwest Lumber Mills 2-8-0

Flagstaff, Arizona

Locomotive #25, a 2-8-0  purchased by the city of Flagstaff, AZ,...
Locomotive #25, a 2-8-0 purchased by the city of Flagstaff, AZ, in 1995, sits on display at the AT&SF Depot in Flagstaff. Built in January, 1911, as Baldwin #35938, it was previously owned by Southwest Lumber Mills, a subsidiary of Southwest Forest Industries, which operated a number of logging railroads around Flagstaff. Photo by Mike Palmer, February 2009.

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My Granddad Norviel Edward (Eddy)Eyrich was a machinist/mechanic for Arizona Lumber & Timber Co., Saginaw & Manistee, Southwest Lumber Mills and Southwest Forest Industries. He was also Sometimes engineer or fireman when needed out on the line including firing the above loco on its last run on 8/18/1964. The 2Spot as the loco was commonly known was originally purchased by the Riordan Bros. the owners of AL&T for use by Greenlaw Lumber Co. There are over 400 miles of abandoned logging grades out of Flagstaff. This little loco hauled hundreds of millions of board ft. of logs over pretty much all of that mileage for 5 different operators. Along with Shays Climaxes at least one Heisler and various other rod locos including two BLW logging mallets, one of which is also on display in Flagstaff. Granddad and many others ran them and kept them running.

Roger Eyrich
Flagstaff, AZ