Fieldale to Stuart, VA

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This segment of the former Danville & Western line was abandoned in 1942.

Jimmy Summers
Rock Hill, SC

Did you ever find a map of the abandoned rail fro fieldale to stuart. if so where did you find it

Brad Oakes
ridgeway, VA

I have a ring my grand mother gave me when I was 9. My grandfather received it from the railroad when he worked for them somewhere around the late 30 to early 40. Its a gold ring B OF L, F & E. She told me it meant Brotherhood of Locamotive,Fireman & Engineers. I may know someone who has a map showing the track. Ihave some pictures of the old train.

Richard Hazlewood
Stuart, VA

The USGS National Map site is very difficult to use but if you can figure it out and download the Martinsville West quadrangle for 1965 you can see the old railroad marked on the map. There is a long stretch east and west of the locality of Preston.,ustopo&title=Map%20View#productSearch

Paul Clayton
Winston-Salem, NC

I have added a post at my website about a day spent tracing the old Stuart extension by car:

Much good information on the line can be found at Dan Robie's site:

Paul Clayton
Winston-Salem, NC