Livermore Falls to Farmington

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The Farmington Branch

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This picture shows the Maine Central bridge over the Sandy River, as it approaches the line's terminus in Farmington, ME. Photo by Andrew Laverdiere, 1994.

This line, built in 1870, started as a branch from the Crowley Branch in Leeds Junction, and traveled through Livermore Falls and Wilton, before arriving at Farmington, a total distance of 13 miles. Soon after, a branch was constructed from this branch line connecting at Livermore Falls and continuing northwestward to Rumford, ME, known as the Rumford Branch.

Passenger service on the line was discontinued in 1957, and the segment of the line between Livermore Falls and Farmington was abandoned in 1974. The remainder or the line was still used to access the branch to Rumford; consequently the entire line was soon renamed the Rumford Branch.

Thanks to Andrew Laverdiere for contributing information about this route.

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