Fannin Springs to Citrus Springs

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  • States: Florida   
  • Railroads: SCL   

Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

Part has been developed into the Nature Coast Rail Trail.

Mike Fromholt
Fort Wayne, IN


This route was ACL's "famed" Perry Cutoff line. Although when the last 40 mile link was completed in the 1920s, it was thought the route would become of great importance. It's long sought after fame never really materalized, although ACL did run some trains here, it was never a really busy rail corrider and was quickly downgraded after the SCL merger. Many miles sat unused well into the 1980s.CSX eventually abandoned most of the route. Parts have been converted into the above mentioned trail.

Eugene Cain
Hardeeville, SC


The line had no through freights past the 1950's and after the passenger train was rerouted over the West Coast sub, it was done. Not long after the merger, the line was used only for car storage south of Chiefland until abandoned and the tracks pulled around 1986. There was a paper mill near Chiefland that kept the line in place between there and Old Town, and East to Newberry, but it closed in the mid 90's and that track was pulled to Trenton, which held on until about 2002. ACL, just like SAL overbuilt in certain parts of the state, this line is one huge example.

Troy Nolen
Tampa, FL


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