Fairchild to Mondovi, WI

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I wrote "The Mondovi Line" book about this 37-mile line from Fairchild, WI to Mondovi, WI. It went through Price, Osseo, Strum, and Eleva also. Details about the book can be obtained by emailing barronrrbooks@yahoo.com

Arlyn Colby, 427 Pine Street, Barron, WI 54812

Arlyn Colby
Barron, WI

Was looking for the "Fairchild to Owen RR". Not on here.

Daniel Steiner
Withee, WI

This line was incorporated as the Fairchild and Missisippi River Railroad, but it's founder Nataniel Foster of Fairchild had a more grander dream of of a line from somewhere near Alma,WI to Sault Saint Marie,MI but it got as far as Mondovi and he lost intrest andlet the C.St.P.M.&O. Rwy of the Chicago&Northwestern System foreclose on the bonds and merged it into the "Omaha" Foster's N.C.Foster Lumber Company Incorporated his Chicago,Fairchild and Eau Claire River Railroad as the Fairchild and Northeastern Rwy and going through central Clark County via Greenwood to Owen

michael thoma
neillsville, WI