The Everett and Monte Cristo Railway

Everett to Monte Cristo, Washington

Tunnel #5. Photo by Peter Lewis.
Because of constant flood damage, this section of the ROW was covered in concrete, which is still quite evident! Photo by Peter Lewis.
Another view of the concrete ROW. Photo by Peter Lewis.
It's amazing to think that a railroad once plied its way through this river canyon! Photo by Peter Lewis.

The Everett and Monte Cristo Railway was charted in the 1890s to tap what was thought to be rich mineral deposits at Monte Cristo. It wasn't too long until the expense of constant storm damage repair in the Robe Canyon far outweighed revenue, but the railway did manage to struggle. It was completely abandoned by the Northern Pacific by 1936 when its rails were scrapped and sold to Japan.

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Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

Recently made the trek to Monte Cristo. Took some pictures and put them on you tube. Here is the link.

Live on Friday Creek, North of Burlington, WA. Old railroad, probably used for logging, goes through my property. Not much left except the raised rail bed. May have been part of the railroad that goes near Squire Lake, maybe part of the F&S that went to Sedro Woolley

Rellif Tnek
Friday Creek, WA

You need more info about it going through Big Four and the lodge

Sophie Riggans
Duluth, MN

yeah it was scrapped and sold to japan, but they would shortly send it back, with the note 'to whom it may concern' attached to every bullet and bomb

Steven McGee
McKinney,TX, TX