Evansville to Tintah

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Greg Harrison

Here is the information on the years this line was abandoned. It was abandoned in two segments according to a book on the Great Northern:

Elbow Lake to Tintah: 1943

Evansville to Elbow Lake: 1957.

Jason G. Trosvig
Hillsboro, ND


According to information from Great Northern Railway purchase of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway company that this line was built in 1887. Also there was a line that was built from Tintah Junction to Stiles ND in 1886, and also from Stiles ND to Rutland ND in 1886. Out of the previous line a stretch from Rutland through Geneseo is owned by the CP, but from just East of Geneseo you can see where the abandoned part of the GN is. Satilite pictures you can see some of the abandonment, but according to historic plat maps of Traverse County MN, and Richland and Sargent Counties in ND you can see that Starting in a town North of Tintah called Yarmouth (which does not exist today) the track curved West off the main line and ran a distance Parallel North of the SOO Line Railway all the way to the West side of Harkinson ND where they crossed and the GN ran a distance parallel to the South of the Soo line.

Adam J.
Little Falls, MN


Wilkin County in MN is where the town of Yarmouth was in.

Adam J.
Little Falls, MN


My grandfather was a traveling agent for Soo Line based in Elbow Lake from roughly 1978 until 1984. We lived on Pomme de Terre lake which is East of Elbow Lake. Across the lake from our home was a lodge that was built by the Great Northern for use a resort for the company's executives. That lodge remains to this day and is part of the Tipsinah Mounds Campground and is available for rent. This line had a spur that was built to allow the executives and their guests to travel from the Twin Cities directly to the home. Remnants of the grade remain to this date, along with some ties. If you look south from MN 79 where it crosses the Pomme De Terre River, you will also see a large grade from this line that remains to this day. Remnants of the grade from this line can also be seen crossing MN 79 at Erdahl. Until the late 1980's an elevator main house and the depot for the West Elbow Lake station on this line was visible from MN55/US59 north of Elbow Lake. The depot was missing the freight room, but was a two story structure with what was probably living quarters in the second story.

Greg Rohner
Chicago, IL


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