Rocky Ridge to Emmitsburg

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The Emmitsburg Railroad


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Greg Harrison

This is Toms Creek, facing east from the Business US 15 bridge. In the middle distance is a stone bridge pier in the center of the creek, one of the few remnants of the Emmitsburg Railroad which was abandoned in the early 1940s. Photo by Mike Palmer, February 2004.

The Emmitsburg Railroad was initially built in the 1870s, from a wye called Emmitsburg Junction near Rocky Ridge, MD, where it connected to the Western Maryland. This short line headed north through Motters, and terminated in Emmitsburg.

The line traveled through rolling farmland, and was likely put out of business as roads in the area were improved.

Small sections of the right of way can be located, but the route is not a trail. The wye at Emmitsburg Junction now passes through a church park (the former WM survives as Maryland Midland); and the right of way near Motters can be seen passing through a wooded area. Other than the bridge pier in the photo below, no trace of the line appears in Emmitsburg itself.

Detailed historical information on the line can be found here:

Tim Moriarty
Herndon, VA


Your route is incorrect... look at the historical accounts. The photo you have on this page is east of South Seton ave. That is where the RR crossed Tom's creek. There was a stop in front of St Josephs (now USFA) and the end of the line was across the creek from the post office.

Gettysburg, PA


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