Elroy to Camp Douglas

Point of Interest

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Greg Harrison

Why is there a fairly long string of box cars just to the Northwest of Camp D? They seem to have been there for years.

Chris Horton
Oregon, WI


It was a nice sight with a long string of colorful boxcars with former names such as Western Pacific, MP, SP(Golden West Service) along with C&NW still around. The boxcars were used to carry plywood, roofing shingles and paper. They were put in long term storage due to the recent great recession and construction downturn. The UP did not have enough tracks in either Altoona or Adams yard to put them and one day a couple of Geep units shoved the old cars down the nearly abandoned track by Camp Douglas. All of the cars have since been moved during the late spring/early summer of 2014. Some are back in regular service and some were sold off to rebuilders or scraping. Thanks.

John Gebhardt
St Paul, MN


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/w2k

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