Ellendale to Milton


Map submitted by Christian B.

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Greg Harrison

The Ellendale-to-Milton line was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in order to give industries and local towns in the area direct railroad access to Wilmington, DE. Unsuccessful, the line was sold to the Queen Anne's Railroad, who intended to extend the line to eastward to Rehoboth Beach. However, QARR went bankrupt in 1904 and the line's extension was never realized. The line then sat unused for nearly 40 years.

In 1940, the Delaware Coast Line Railroad purchased the line in order to utilize it for both freight traffic and a tourist railroad. However, it only saw light traffic, and in 1973, the decision was made abandoned the line outright.

Today, it can still be easily located as it sits peacefully among tall grasses; low population growth around the tracks has allowed the tracks to remain in near-perfect shape.

Thanks to Christian B. for contributing information about this route.

It looks like part of this line may open up again, as a propane facility at the route's grade crossing with DE Route 30 is preparing to re-instate rail service from the Norfolk Southern line at Ellendale.

Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX


The line was not built by the PRR. It started out as the Maryland Delaware and Virginia and ran across the Delmarva Peninsula from Love Point through Queen Anne, Denton, Greenwood Delaware and Lewes to Rehoboth.

George S.
Sussex, DE


About the comment stating a new propane customer being added, you can see the grading work being done via Google Maps. A section of the track where the siding switch will go has also been pulled out. The switch location appears to be just west of Route 30, and trailing as the train heads in the Milton direction. Trains will once again be utilizing the Route 30 crossing and a short distance east of it while switching out propane cars.

David Earp
Baltimore, MD


The Ellendale/Milton line is back in service as of December 2010. Delaware Coast Line Railroad is the operator. We will be taking propane to our customer on west side of Rt 30.

Dan Herholdt
Milford, DE


It looks like the line kept going due east from Milton to Lewes. It gets lost in the new development clutter of the town of Lewes. Does anyone know if this past of the line was ever constructed or was the land just prepared for it,

Tom Humes
Milford, DE


It was NEVER abandoned. I would like to know where Christian got his info from. DCLR acquired it in 1982 not 1940. This line went all the way to Lewes. I don't know when the part from Milton to Lewes was torn up/abandoned. Draper Canning Company was the only customer on it. MDDE took over running this line in Mid 1990's, they gave it back to DCLR in 1999. After Draper Canning went out of business NS leased the line to store grain cars on it for Purdue. I got some of this information from the book "Rails Along The Chesapeake" by John C Hayman. The rest I know because I used to live in Coolsprings,DE.

Kevin Lehman
Longneck, DE


hi im keith and my father has a beach house about 20 minutes away i would like to see this train line revived if it can and become part of the marc line which runs threw northern and southern maryland juristiictions or perhaps make this stop avialable using amtrak



hi its its keith again im a big fan of restoring technology

and my opinion is please revive this train station and give rights and priviledges to the marc line which services p;arts going as frederick and beyhond since im pretty sure csx is the rightful owner anyway and they and amtrac an vre have exclusive rights

im sure eventually there will be a bidding process

i know for a fact i read similar stories like this where the rail road line or what is sitting on top of it. it is used house a condo

silverspring , MD


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