The Elkin and Alleghany Railroad

Elkin to Veneer, NC

Construction on this line began in 1907, with the intent to connect the Richmond and Danville Railroad in Elkin, NC, with the Norfolk and Western line at Jefferson, NC, 60 miles away. However, only 18 miles of track were ever laid, and although the E&A was very profitable in its first 10 years, the building of US Route 21 from Elkin to Sparta rendered the line obsolete. Thus, the line was never completed to Jefferson, and was abandoned entirely in 1931.

Today, the right-of-way is visible in the woods north Elkin. After starting in Elkin, the line ran north through Adsit, Klondike, "State Road", Parks, Thurmond, Doughton and ended in Veneer.

The railroad was the focus of a term paper by Dan Bray in 1979; his paper is available at the Elkin Public Library, catalog number NC 385.

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I was shown the old railroad bed by the late Clate Snider when we worked together in the Boy Scouts. I would like to know where Veneer was or is located.

Barry Darnell
Elkin, NC

Just this afternoon went up to the foot of the mountain off Hwy. 21 and was able to locate the old Doughton Depot. It is located just off the mystery hill road just at the foot of the mountain. The old building has fallen down and remaing is the porch and foundation of some of the building. Veneer is back to the right across Hwy. 21 again where the three mile extension was being built. Have more information and just can't share all of it here.

Joseph Hicks
Elkin, NC

It's no secret any more, they're turning it into a trail.

Flatlander, NC

As of June 2014 The Elkin Valley Trails Association has completed almost a mile of trail along the old Elkin and Alleghany Railroad route including a brand new bridge that crosses the Elkin River. next stage will be another bridge where the railroad crosses the Elkin River once again at the city reservor. Please come visit the beautiful section of trail in Elkin...

B.D. Reece
Elkin, NC

Hi, Good work that you are doing. Last year a group of us published a 74 page book about the history of the E & A . . . complete with interviews of old timers who actually saw or rode the train and we include multiple old photographs. The book can be purchased at Elk Pharmacy or Diana's Bookstore in Elkin or on line at Tarheel Press . . . proceeds go to support the Elkin & Alleghany Rail-Trail being build on some of the old rail bed. Our is an all volunteer group bring history back to life. Come visit Elkin and join the fun. Best, Bill Blackley, MD

Bill Blackley
Elkin, NC