Elberta to Tintic Mills

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View looking South along Highway 6. Photo by Kirk Rogers.

The Tintic mining branch of the Denver & Rio Grande was built in 1891-92 and was located near Payson, UT. It was 43.75 miles long and has a spur coming off of it called the Goshen Valley Railroad, built in 1919. This spur was 6.52 miles long, itself having a spur which was 2.27 miles long. The mainline used to go through an old mining town called Eureka. Beyond the first spur, most of the rails were pulled up in the early 1970s. The first 10 or 15 miles of this spur, starting in Springville, is still used today on an irregular basis to service a limestone quarry. Othwerise, it hasn't seen rail traffic for at least 30 years.

According to the SPV Railroad Atlas, the abandoned portion extends from Elberta to Pearl, Hillside, Laguna, Canyon, Homansville, Summit, Eureka, Mammoth Crossing, Silver City, then crossing the UP and ending at Tintic Mills. The 6.52 mile spur from Pearl extended to Flora and Dividend, with a sub-spur from Flora to Burgin to Iron King. This spur and sub-spur make up what was known as the "Goshen Valley Branch" in later years.

These pictures are all of the Goshen Valley Railroad/Branch.

Thanks to Kirk Rogers for contributing information about this route.

Great photos. It looks like some parts of the line are still in pretty good shape, at least as of the date of the photos.

Kevin M. Smith
Cicero, NY


I must make a correction on my entry. The ;ast known rail traffic on the Pearl spur was in 1986, making the last known traffic 25 years rather than over 30 years.

Kirk Rogers
Salt Lake City, UT


The remaining rail on the ROW extends West from Elberta, but is not actually abandon, simply out of service, as the railroad that owns it wants to keep it incase they ever need it. Honestly though, the rail is in such disrepair it couldn't easy be reopened.

Evan N.
Tampa, FL


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