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The El Segundo Branch

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Southern Pacific switcher shoving a load to the end of the El Segundo Branch. The load is for the Southern California Edison generating station. Photo by Paul McGuffin, 1973.

This spur, approximately 2 miles long, extended from the still-active Union Pacific (ex-Pacific Electric, ex-Southern Pacific) El Segundo branch at a point called "Wise Transfer", just west of the BNSF crossing in El Segundo. The spur, originally built by Pacific Electric (PE) in 1914, headed northwest about 1.25 miles, then turned southwest for about another 0.75 miles to the corner of Grand Avenue and Concord Street. PE passenger service ended in 1930, and the line was likely cut back four blocks to the corner of Grand Avenue and Eucalyptus Drive at that time.

PE was a subsidiary of Southern Pacific and freight operations were merged into SP in 1965.

It is not known when the last freight train ran on this spur, but in December 1975 there was a "line closing ceremony" at the end of the line in El Segundo, and the last train (SP SW1500 2550 and passenger car SP110) ran on the line. The train was not open to the public. The rails were removed in 1976, and most of the ROW has been taken over by the neighboring business owners. In some places it is possible to see where the line cut through the city (there were many road crossings) but you cannot walk down most of the ROW because it is private property.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB-12 Sub 11 Date: 8/15/1973 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for authority to aband. a line of rr. extdg. from MP 499.67 near Wise Transfer, north-westerly to MP 501.72 near El Segundo, a distance of 2.06 mi., in Los Angeles County, Calif.
Length: 2.06 miles Citation:  

We called this track through El Segundo "Devils Path/Pass". Does anyone have a clue where this name came from?

Mark Shoemaker
El Segundo, CA


I've been fascinated by this apparent RoW for 10 years. Now I see that it -is- a verified path that was used by old trains. So great to see this site. In 2005, I spoke with an old-time resident who lived adjacent the tracks.

Matthew Reiser
Pasadena, CA


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