El Dorado, AR to Bastrop, LA

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From 1958 to 1966 (ages 4-12), my family lived in Strong, Arkansas. The rental house was one block north of the rails and the purchased house, on the east side of town, was about 200 yards south of the rails. I don't remember a lot of traffic on the lines, maybe 3-4 a week. It was mostly to pick up cars with cut trees to go to Huttig, ArkansasThere for the paper mill.

I do remember the depot had a REA agent. Dad ordered a kid's swing set from Sears and had it shipped by rail. A really big day for me and my siblings. This was probably about 1961. We were still renting.

If the MoPac left a caboose or some railcars of any kind on the siding, my older brother and I would, against parental orders, do some exploring.

Neil Edgington
Bellevue, NE


A section of track is still on the ground near Shelton Road North of Bastrop. Recently a rail yard north of town that served the paper mill was dismantled.

Paul Norman
Bastrop, LA


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