Edgemoor to Lando


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(Forwarded from the Edgemoor & Manetta Railroad)

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E&M Porter steam engine #5 in Richburg, SC. It was this steam engine that caused the abandonment of the E&M. Photo by Whit Whitaker.

This line, of the Edgemoor & Manetta Railroad, left the Seaboard Air Line mainline at Edgemoor and ambled a few miles to a mill in Lando. Its 2.5-mile length was owned by Manetta Mills, the line's only customer. Operations were discontinued July 9, 1975, when the road's steam locomotive was condemned, which is shown on display in Richburg, SC in the picture below. (While Richburg was not on the E&M, it is on the still-active Lancaster & Chester.)

Thanks to Ed Vasser for contributing information about this route.

Very informative pictures and brings back loads of memories for me. When I was 18 I trained at Edgemoor SC for a week, while training at Chester SC, the agent wanted me to spend time at a small place. As a little side note the agent then at Edgemoor was Mr. Buddy Brannen and he was referee in the area, we at York did not like his refereeing., I stayed with the Sal later to end up as CSX, I served 44 years.

Robert Duncan
York, SC


In the Spring 1977 issue of Railfan magazine, the Spectator column covers this line. Evidently the E&M was the last steam-powered line-haul railroad in the US. It was originally built in 1902.

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Torrance, CA


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