East Yard to Marine Corps Air Station

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Greg Harrison

This view, looking south, was taken just south of the 30th Street grade crossing. The stack of ties blocks the abandoned line. Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2010.

This spur line was used to reach produce distribution warehouses, but it rarely sees service. It previously branched from Yuma's "East Yard" (the perimeter of which is clearly visible in satellite imagery); however, East Yard has since been abandoned, leaving only the Union Pacific mainline and a handful of sidings to nearby industries.

At one point, this spur extended further south another mile to the Marine Corps Air Station. That extension has been abandoned, however remnants of rails track are still in place for a couple blocks.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I remember when there was activity by the Southern Pacific Railroad in these area back in the 1970's when I used to live in Yuma. As always, an excellent job and a special "Thanks" to Mike Palmer for his contribution for this section.

Keith Johns
Indio, CA


The Air Base Spur as it is actually called, is out of service south of 32nd Street with a pipeline in place along the right of way to supply fuel to the Marines air station. This was the primary reason for this spur until the mid 1980's when the pipeline was completed and put into full operation. I recall seeing tank cars spotted at the offloading racks in 1984-85 while stationed here in Yuma.

The spur to the east just south of 30th street as seen curving to the left in Mike's photo with the switch stand is very much in service as it serves a fertilizer plant and another industry team track and used oil loading facility.

Shortly after Mike must have taken his photos a significant amount of track work was completed on this spur all the way from the Yuma East Yard, down the Air Base Lead as this is referred to still today. There is also a truss plant that receives numerous loads of center beam flats and occasional box car loads of lumber that is located just north of 30th Street. I can supply current photos of the area, as I don't see how to post them myself.

Lee Stoermer
Yuma, AZ


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