Dwight to Wenona


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

This line is part of the Gulf Mobile and Ohio branch, which untimately went to Lacon and Washington. It was abandoned in the 1970's when Illinois Central Gulf was trying to rid of unprofitable branch lines. This line closely paralleled the New York Central, now Norfork Southern, Kankakee Belt line.

George Carlisle
formerly Urbana, IL


Along the north border of Immaculate Conception Church in Streator there is a visible rail in the gravel along with the concrete bases from the crossbucks. Go west and the bridge supports are still in the vermilion river. Go just outside of town a little further west and there is an in tact plate girder bridge over a creek.

ThePast, IL


Edward "Eddie" Larson, who was a veteran brakeman on this line, is still alive and well in Dwight IL at age 100. As of 10-26-15. He is still spry with a sharp memory of his days working on the railroad. His wife passed away a few years ago. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from anyone who used to work there or would share memories.

Jon Bogert
Dwight, IL


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