Dundas to Belpre

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This portion of the former mainline of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (itself between Washington, DC, and St Louis, via Cincinnati) was abandoned in the 1980s.

On the Western end of this abandonment, there is a rail customer located about 1 mile north of U.S. St. Rt 50 on Powder Plant Road. The track is owned by U.S. Rail.

Steve Hobensack
Marietta, OH


I visited the old roadbed in Chillicothe while I was up there for school. Hard to believe there are houses now where one of the original mainlines used to be. I've seen several pictures of the B&O yard, and of all the trackage surrounding Chilli. Remnants are being taken out day by day, essentially ending the B&O. I think CSX regrets the decision to abandon the line, it would have brought more business to the area, not to mention another route that would have been a more direct alternate versus the National Gateway route.

Mike Sullivan
Ashland, KY


The city of Jackson owns hat is left of this line, the portion between West Jct and the Austin powder plant, as well as from Hamdem to Oak Hill. They take bids on the operation, the I&O ran it right after the CSX abandonded the rest, then the Great Miami ran it for a while until they sold out their operation. The old C&O line that crossed at Dundas has been torn out for a long time that went from Galipolis to Old Town in Logan, but the last time I looked, the SB signal was still there and lit!!

Delaware, OH


The bypass of Gysville Ohio toke place around 1956. Was the rail road from Belpre to Athens cut off at this time because I do not remember a bridge being constructed over the rail road at Gysville at that time. Also the by pass of Coolville and Little Hocking was completed in 1964 so it appears that the rail road line by the town or Torch was cut off by the complection of this four lane highway

John Gillilan
dublin, OH


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