Ferguson to Pechin

The Dunbar Branch

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A topographical map from 1900 showing the Dunbar Branch. It starts at a wye with the PRR Southwest Division at Ferguson (bottom middle) and heads north through Hill Farm and ends at Pechin.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 24279 Date: 7/18/1966 Section: 1(18)
Application and Ret. to Quest. for authority to (1) abandon its Dunbar Br. extending from a connection with the Southwest Branch to its terminus at V.S. l9+50, a distance of 0.37 mi., together with 0.14 mi. of sidetrack and (2) that portion of its Coal Lick Run Branch extending from V.S. 113+50 to its terminus at V.S. 289+00, a distance of 3.32 mi., all located in Fayette County, Pa.
Length: 3.32 miles Citation:  
Also under this filing: The Coal Lick Run Branch   

Pennsy also had a line coming out of its yard just North of Dunbar, extending parallel to it's "main" and going to Mahoning (Mahoney). Wouldn't this have been it's "Dunbar" branch?

Also, the branch in the map went only to the mine/cokeworks at Hill Farm. The line from Hill Farm to Pechin was B&0. This portion crossed over both B&O and Pennsy to the Solvent-Solvay (?spelling?) coke works up Dunbar Creek.

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