Dunagan to Chireno

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway line began in 1906 as an extension of the Angelina and Neches River Railroad, which ran eastward out of Lufkin, TX. At that time it only extended as far as Alco, TX. By 1911, it had been extended further northeastward to Chireno, TX. It was built in order to serve local mills in the rich piney woods of eastern Texas.

Today, the line from Lufkin to Dunagan, TX, is still in operation by the A&NR, over 100 years later. At Dunagan, the railroad's present-day eastern terminus, the A&NR continues to serve lineside customers.

The date of abandonment of the portion of the line from Dunagan eastward to the end of the line at Chireno is unknown.

The portion from Dunagan-to Lufkin was owned by Southern Pacific was part of the Rockland Branch that ran to Beaumont. Southern Pacific abandoned the line in 1995. A&NRR bought the line from Dunagan-Lufkin and the Old Cotton Belt line from the UP Yard-FM2021 in Clawson and a 3 mile branchline whic serves the GP Resin Plant.

Robby Franks
Diboll, TX


Im friends one of the ANR employees and i showed hin this page he said they abandoned the line line from dunugan to chierno in 1963 and tore it up later that year. The linr from nac. To dunugan then down to bueamont was abandoned and torn up in 1995

lufkin tx.


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