Joliette to Pembina


Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

(Forwarded from the Duluth & Manitoba Railway)

This railway was built by the Duluth and Manitoba Railway in 1887 as part of a longer line north out of Grand Forks, ND, into Winnipeg, Canada. This portion of the route, between Joliette and Pembina, on the Canadian border, was abandoned in 1980 by Burlington Northern.

Perhaps it's time to bring back additional line to help ease congestion and overt tragic accidents. No blame to anyone, but with the additional strain on rail for the movement of oil, agriculture products (wheat, corn, and chemicals that by law need to be railed), coal, people, etc. some creative maneuvering should be in place.

We are fortunate as a country to have this mode of transport. Our highways are much safer!

Mary Semler
Normandy Park, WA


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