Red Wing to Rochester

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Map submitted by Tim Thorp.

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Duluth, Red Wing & Southern Railroad)

does any one know anything about the Duluth Red Wing & Southern Railroad that ran in that area from 1892 to 1936 any pictures of engins I'm thinking American types 4-4-0's to moguls and maybe bigger or photos of rolling stock etc any route maps any information would be helpful, thanks

david urban
Red Wing , MN


I have been to Farmfest near Morton, and assume that this is the area you are in. Always wondered if there was an old railbed near there as it looks like one along one of the roads nearby and also below the hill by the river I believe there is another railway and bridge crossing the river, but haven't figured out where it goes. I live near the tracks that my dad tells me go all the way to Duluth (now a bike trail-central MN). I'm new to this stuff and wondered if there was a rail company named the Duluth, etc. or if the past comment on here means he is looking for info on rail lines that go to Duluth? Great info, keep updating. Thanks and have a great day :)

Gina S.
Bowlus, MN


Try entering "Duluth Red Wing and Southern Railroad Companny" into your internet browser.

This railroad was re-organized as the Wis. Minn. & Pacific RR and later the CGWRR.



Lawrence A. Gueller
Legend Lake, WI


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