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The Dresden Branch

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway line was constructed during the years 1872-1888 by the Pennsylvania, Ohio & Detroit Railroad; the line was leased to the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1926.

Passenger service along the line was discontinued in 1931.

In August of 1935, the tracks were damaged due to flooding, and the decreasing revenue on the line was not enough to justify the cost of repairing the tracks. Thus, the PO&D filed for abandonment of operations over the line in 1936, at which time it was believed that perhaps the line would become profitable again one day. However, it was not to be, and the line was formally abandoned five years later.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 11167 Date: 4/16/1936 Section: 1
App. of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR. Co., and Pennsylvania Railroad Co., lessee, permitting abandonment over portion of the former main line extending from the main line of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RR. Co. at Trinway to a point beyond Tunnel Hill, a distance of 10.85 miles, all in the counties of Muskingum and Coshocton, State of Ohio. (Part to be abandoned known as Dresden Branch)
Length: 10.85 miles Citation: 217 ICC 21  
Docket Number: 13545 Date: 11/25/1941 Section: 1
App. of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR Co, and Pennsylvania RR Co, Lessee, for abandonment (1) by former of those portions of its line from Trinway to at or near Blissfiled and from Warsaw Juction to Cochocton, a total 30 miles, all in Counties of Muskingum and Coshocton, Ohio; (2) of operation by Pennsylvania RR between Tennel Hill and Blissfield and between Warsaw Junction and Coshocton, a total distance of 19 miles all in Coshocton county, Ohio.
Length: 49 miles Citation: 252 ICC 802  
Also under this filing: The Walhonding Valley Branch   

Is this railroad for sale

spencerville, OH


Interestingly, years earlier, part of the route this line took north of the Walhonding River nearly became the route of the Ohio Canal, which would have gone north through Millersburg and Wooster to Lorain. The PRR was happy to get rid of the tunnel near Tunnel Hill. The tunnel was unstable and a watchman had to be stationed there in a small shanty.

Gary Lambillotte
Medina, OH


Dresden Branch - Way back a local lawyer purchased a good bit of this abandoned RR in speculation that the now SR 60 would utilize the RR route. That didn't happen. Sections of the old RR have been sold by the son of that local lawyer. I purchased 2 sections (about 4,000 feet)that run thru my property. Rails, ties and bridges were removed, leaving the RR bed. I have found a concrete triangle shaped mile marker and 2 concrete whistle posts. The creek crossing location on my property still has the large cut sandstone foundations on each side of the creek.

Coshocton County, OH


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