Douglas to Swainsboro, GA

This line was originally the Georgia & Florida Railway, set down in the early 1900s. It was built one section at a time, from Douglas to Hazelhurst in 1906, Hazelhurst to Vidalia in 1909, and Vidalia to Swainsboro in 1910. The entire route finally became part of the line between Augusta and Madison, a total of 250 miles.

It is not known when this line was abandoned.

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It should be noted that the line from Douglas to Swainsboro is not entirely abandoned; Most of it was abandoned in the early 80s; but a portion from Midville (north of Swainsboro) thru Swainsboro to an Rayonier plant just north of Kirby is still served by the Heart of Georgia railroad. A second stretch near Vidalia is used by the Georgia Central to access a building materials business and a pole manufacturer. A third segment near Hazlehurst is used by Norfolk Southern to service industries around Hazlehurst from their Macon-Brunswick line.

Ashley James
Fayetteville, NC

Cool, I wasn't sure of the extent of abandondment. I thought it would make a nice bike trail, but some one from the DOT told me the same thing you're saying here. The DOT does own the stretch from Hazelhurst to Vidalia.

Brunswick, GA

At one time, a number of private companies were contacting the state of Georgia with the intent of purchasing the remainder of the railroad that runs out of Vidalia over the Althamaha bridge. They had entered negotiations and were having surveying done with the intent of rebuilding the line and opening it, when the city of Vidalia went against a court order and tore down an aging ballasted girder bridge. The companies sued, and the city was severely fined for its actions. There is still some rumor about the companies trying to rebuild the line, but the city has been blocking any and all attempts to do so. It's expected to be sorted out in court.

Vidalia, GA

rebuilding of the G&F line from Rayonier at Kirby to Vidalia has begun... brush has been cleared and the trestles will be rebuilt... the HOG is interested in running intermodal service on it from Midville once the Georgia Southern's lease expires...

Ashley James
Statesboro, GA

Does any know how often they run the train form vidida to swansboro or do they

soperton ga, GA

I saw from I-16 the other day the line was cleared and fresh ballast laid. Is it in service? We have a thread on it here as well:

Jeff Smith
Statesboro, GA

yea they have done work on the lines, here a couple of years ago they were some intermodel trains sitting in vidalia, but i haven,t seen them in a while. How ever there is usually a train parked on the side tracks there not sure where they are comein form I think they are using the hog line and swainsboro some but im not sure at this point

soperton ga, GA