Abandoned Rails of Dogpatch USA

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A derelict open passenger car.

Dogpatch USA, located in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, was a theme park based on Al Capp's comic strip, Li'l Abner. It closed its doors in 1993, and now, most of the parks lays in ruins. You can find out more about Dogpatch USA at Wikipedia.

These pictures were downloaded from the Underground Ozarks website. Additional pictures and information about this defunct theme park can be found there.

The miniature train that ran on this line at Dogpatch USA was called the "West Po'k Chop Speshul" (not sure on spelling). It departed the depot station and ran along the outskirts of the town. The tracks crossed over a bridge overlooking Marble Falls, known as "the bottomless canyon" in Dogpatch terms. The train went through a tunnel and then circled through the valley of the Shmoo' before returned to the depot by the same route. The train made one stop on the return trip, near "The Brainrattler" ride, allowing passengers to debark or embark for a few minutes. There was normally only one (1) train in operation, but there were two locomotives available.

Gassville, AR


I Once visted Dogpatch USA with my family back in the 1980s when the park was still operating. It was very sad to see it shut down forever and fall into terrible disrepair. It would really be awesome for the park to reopen and become a wonderful place again. My idea would be to turn the old rundown park into a dinosaur park with the funicular train and the miniature railroad as before. Guests would ride on the train coming face to face with real life-sided dinosaurs that move and roar like the real thing. Simply turn Dogpatch USA into a real "Jurassic Park". A real Jurassic Park might do really well in Arkansas.

Sh Hayes
Conway, AR


Does anyone know if they had any signals along the line?

Huntsville, AL


I tried to buy the original train last year from a closed animal park in Kansas (engine and 5 passenger cars, could not come to terms with the 4 different people you had to go through. In rough shape but I thought it should come home. It is probably still sitting in the middle of the wheat field that I saw it in. They think they have gold, and it is only rotting away.

Ron McAfee
Harrison,, AR


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