Sherman Junction to Denison

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The Denison and Pacific Suburban Railway

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Greg Harrison

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Bridge supports for the D&PS are still visible at Calf Creek. Photo by Greg Harrison, February 2009.

Chartered on April 18, 1895, the Denison and Pacific Suburban Railway built 7 miles of track from a point on the Texas & Pacific Railway's Transcontinental Division northwards to Denison, TX. The connection with the T&P was later named Sherman Junction, and is located a couple of miles east of Sherman, TX. The D&PS itself was a subsidiary of the T&P, and provided passenger service from the T&P to Denison up until 1920. As for freight, the line shipped mainly grain and coal.

When the T&P established trackage rights on the Denison-Whitesboro line of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, the D&PS line was considered redundant. Thus the T&P filed for abandonment of the entire line on April 2, 1965; abandonment was granted and the tracks were removed in September of 1966. Little of the former right-of-way exists today.

I'd like to find out information on passenger service on the T&P that ran through Denison Texas.

David Boehmer
Houston, TX


Greg, I really enjoyed finding these ol' rail lines with you. Count me in as a unofficial "rail archaeologist". IJ would be proud!! :-)

Jason Smith
Irving, TX

[Hey man, thanks for coming along! I'll let you know when I go out again on the quest for abandoned rails!  —Greg Harrison]


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