Lake Providence to Tallulah


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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Delta Southern Railroad)

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The southern end of this ex-Missouri Pacific abandoned trackage, shown here, starts at a wye at Talla Bena. The eastern track of the wye heads to the lock and dam at the nearby Mississippi River; the tracks to the south connect with Union Pacific at Tallulah, LA. The Delta Southern currently owns the line and stores a few of its CF7s on the northeastern quadrant of the wye, just out of view to the right. Photo by Greg Harrison.

The correct spelling is "Tallulah". God bless.

Chris Balducci
Cleveland, MS

[Thanks Chris, it has been corrected!  —Greg Harrison]


Are the tracks for sale?

New Orleans, LA


Delta is currently using this line as a storage for their grain and hopper cars. you can see them along side 65north of the madison parish port.

Kyle Nugent
Columbia, LA


What can you tell us about the Railroad between Monroe and Natchez, Miss? When I was very small the DOODLEBUG ran it between Monroe or Sterlington and Natchez, Miss. I don't remember riding it but remember the whistle blowing and watching it pass as well as a couple of older friends running to get on board as it slowed for our crossing at Lee Bayou, 3 miles nort of Clayton. Thanks

Jon Garner
Clayton, Louisiana, LA


i work for delta southern railroad i ,m the mop on the job

we are running trains on the shortline at tallulah to talla bena from complex chemical to kcs 2 times a week ,the old line have been to us , the new company hads taken over now we can grow better now to help move the world

joseph Soares
Downsville, LA


I travel this area often for work purposes. This Railroad is being completely restored from Tallulah to Magee, Arkansas. Very nice to see one coming back to life.

J Williamson
Fayetteville, AR


This Railroad is now back in operation.

J Williamson
Fayetteville, AR


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