The Delaware River and Lancaster Railroad

French Creek Junction to Saint Peters, PA

The Delaware River and Lancaster Railroad was chartered in 1868 to build a railway line between the Delaware River in New Jersey and Lancaster, PA. Construction on the line started at Phoenixville, PA (at French Creek Junction and a connection with The Pickering Valley Railroad, near Kimberton, PA) and headed west for about 12 miles along French Creek to Saint Peters. There, the DR&L connected to the end of The Warwick Branch via a switchback.

Also known as the "Sowbelly Railroad", the DR&L ultimately lost money during its operation and was eventually abandoned in 1893, just 5 years after being built; the tracks themselves were pulled up a year later.

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Started walking sections of the Sow Belly RR. today 10/20/12. With Dave Zinny. Very rough going through heavy brush. We started at the covered bridge by Mill Lane W Seven Stars Rd. and went north for about 1 mile.

Next week we will do another section starting at the Camphill School.

Rick Wolf
Phoenixville , PA

Did another section of the Sow Belly RR with Dave Zinii along French Creek off of the Camphill School property. We found the spot where the railroad crossed French Creek. Did the hike on 11/03/12

Richard Wolf
Phoenixville , PA

I'm pretty sure the Sow Belly connected St. Peters Village to Kimberton? Following rt 23 over 100 ?

valley forge, PA

Yes MD you are correct about the extent of the Sowbelly RR being from Kimberton to St Peters. The rest of the line was never built, although apparently the entire route was surveyed (from Point Pleasant on the Delaware to Lancaster, PA) and possibly some surveying was done in NJ as well.

Dave Zinni
Ardmore, PA

does anyone have any pictures of the Sowbelly railroad? any pictures from Saint Peters Village area of the trains?

Or any info regardind this old train line?

Peter Melle
Saint Peters, PA, PA

RDG Warwick Branch and the Delaware River & Lancaster Railroad.

Gregory D. Pawelski
Wernersville, PA

I did the hike from warwick to Elverson,about 2 miles.

on the way I saw an old train station along the railroad bed.

warwick, PA

Try to get a copy of: Sowbelly Railroad: The Delaware River and Lancaster Railroad by James Lockart

Cal Roth
Morrison, CO

Where might I find the book: Sow Belly Railroad by James Lockart? Thank you.

p. charlier
malvern, PA

UPDATE: still looking for the 2008 book by James Lockart called: The SowBelly Railroad. Does anyone know where I could get a copy? Thanks

p. charlier

With regard to "still looking for the 2008 book by James Lockart called: The SowBelly Railroad": (1) The ranger station in Warwick County Park had one available for viewing. (2) The Saucony Book shop seems to have a copy (somewhat at a premium) If you are interested, I live fairly close to Warwick Park, so we could meet sometime and checkout bits and peices.

Jeremy K
Chester Springs, PA

I have a copy of the James Lockart book called: The SowBelly Railroad". It's in black and white except for Appendix which is in color. It's signed "God Bless Your Journey, Ranger Jim". I am good friends with Clyde Scheib who is referenced in book in "Acknowledgements". Clyde's grandfather rode on the Sowbelly train. (P.111) Sorry, but it's not for sale, it's too valuable.

If I could locate author and get permission, I could digitize book and put on so it could be read (with Kindle or other reader) by a wider audience.

Kimberton, PA

West Seven Stars and Beyond: Preserving Local History

Phoenixville, PA