The Decatur Subdivision

Decatur to Speedway

The 1975 ICC abandonment filing shown below was withdrawn; today, most if this line belongs to and is operated by CSX Transportation.

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western Railroad
Docket: AB 19 Sub 26 3/18/1975 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon certain portions of the Decatur Subdivision totaling 124.36 mi., which extends from VS 10101+58 to VS 5106+00 and from VS 4010+60 to VS 2440+00 located in Marion, Hendricks, Putnam, Parke and Vermillion Counties, in the State of Indiana, and in Edgar, Douglas, Piatt, and Macon Counties, in the State of Illinois.
Length: 124.36 miles

—  User Comments  —

I am turning 55 but growing up i lived right next to the tracks and across from a coal yard, it was a great time in my opinion to grow up, i slept to the trains that went past all the time and when they stopped that was when my sleeping habit became impossible. I still remember when a block away a time when the train still picked up passengers at the train depot as well, it was truly a sad time when it all came to an end. I also remember many many accidents involving trains and cars who thought they could beat the train at the crossing and that didn't turn out so well for anyone. I find myself blessed to have been raised during a time when life was simple and my mind was full of wanting to explore everything not like today when all kids want to do is sit inside and play video games. Thank you for letting me comment on this, i lived next to those tracks from ~ 1965ish till ~ 1982 when i joined the Marine Corps.

Eric Colclasure
Decatur, IN