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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway started out in 1881 as part of the Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern Railway, known as the "Highland Route" to locals. Initially a narrow-gauge line, it was converted to standard gauge just 3 years after the line's completion. The line saw both freight and passenger traffic, though passenger service ceased in 1934. After a series of bankruptcies, it was purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1896 and ultimately abandoned by the PRR in 1951.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 17481 Date: 9/12/1951 Section: 1
App. of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR Co. and Pennsylvania RR Co. for the former to abandon and the latter company operation of a line from Lytle to Lebanon, Ohio, approximately 23.7 miles.
Length: 23.7 miles Citation: 282 ICC 808  

I have read that this line saw its highest volume of traffic druing the 1913 flood. It was the only line that was relatively dry that could connect Cincinnati and Dayton.

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Can anyone give me any information or links to information about the Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Railroad?

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is there any map of cl&n where it splits off around stroop rd and and Wilmington pike. There was a WYE there and it continued on thru Kettering and followed woodman rd and went on to Dayton.

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Charles Byrne
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The portion of the line from downtown Dayton to the wye at Stroop Road remained in service for about 20 years after the abandonment of the portion from Lytle to Lebanon. I can recall seeing Penn Central crews delivering coal to the steam plant at Dayton State Hospital, an operation which I believe continued into the early 1970's. I'm not sure when the last run was made south of Patterson Blvd, but it was still in service as far as the NCR plant in 1974, when I moved away from Dayton. The concrete overpass above Patterson Blvd, with prominent PRR heralds, was a local landmark until it was removed, which I believe was in 2010. The DP&L Longworth Steam Station at Franklin and Perry Streets may have been the last customer served from this line. It was only a block away from where the CL&N met the Dayton Union Railway. Coal was delivered on two elevated tracks along Eaker St, with an overpass over Longworth St. Each track held 6-8 hopper cars. Rail service to this facility lasted into the Conrail era, but I'm not sure when it ceased. The plant has since been demolished and the property is now an athletic field for Chaminade-Julienne High School.

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That portion of the rail line along Woodman drive currently ends at the Tenneco plant (Former Delphi). Word has it that they are getting ready to turn that track area into a bike path going down into Downtown Dayton. Submitted on 05/19/2017

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