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This abandoned railway started out in 1881 as part of the Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern Railway, known as the "Highland Route" to locals. Initially a narrow-gauge line, it was converted to standard gauge just 3 years after the line's completion. The line saw both freight and passenger traffic, though passenger service ceased in 1934. After a series of bankruptcies, it was purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1896 and ultimately abandoned by the PRR in 1951.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 17481 Date: 9/12/1951 Section: 1
App. of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR Co. and Pennsylvania RR Co. for the former to abandon and the latter company operation of a line from Lytle to Lebanon, Ohio, approximately 23.7 miles.
Length: 23.7 miles Citation: 282 ICC 808  

I have read that this line saw its highest volume of traffic druing the 1913 flood. It was the only line that was relatively dry that could connect Cincinnati and Dayton.

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Can anyone give me any information or links to information about the Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Railroad?

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