Crosskeys, Louisiana

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Abandoned Scrapping Yard


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The lead track branches from the main UP line, seen in the background. Photo by Greg Harrison, December 2007.

Union Pacific once utilized a double-track yard for scrapping freight cars at Crosskeys, LA. Cars met their fate on the tracks of this yard as they were torn apart and torched into more maneagable pieces to be scrapped. At the insistence of local neighbors, who were kept up at all hours of the night by the noises and ground-shaking impacts (not to mention some harmful chemicals that were released during the scrapping process), UP finally closed down the yard and buried the scrap metal in the land adjacent to the tracks.

The two tracks remain to this day. Each are about 1/3-mile long, and are separated by about 100 feet. Infrequently, maintenance-of-way vehicles are parked overnight on a small section of the lead track.

UPDATE: As of 2011, this yard is no longer "abandoned", as a mineral-processing plant has moved onto this property and has resumed rail service with the Union Pacific. It appears that new rails and infrastructure have been put in place to support this new operation. Recent satellite imagery shows that the tracks to the plant follow the those of the former right-of-way.

A real thorough piece of work, i find it interesting.

new orleans, LA


This is cool. I always passed over that crossing thinking the line just went to a old grain tower or something. Never knew it was this big.

Natchitoche, LA


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