Crossett to Monticello

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(Forwarded from the Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway)

The former ADN ROW that passed from Whitlow Jct (Crossett) to Monticello, AR - 40.7 miles. Photo by Eric Augatis.

The Ashley, Drew & Northern was incoporated on August 8, 1912 to build a line from Cremer to Monticello, AR. It purchased the Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway and opened in July 1913. The line connected with the Union Pacific, the Fordyce & Princeton, and the Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri. Georgia Pacific Corporation acquired control in July 1963 and apparently maintained ownership until the line was abandoned in 1996. The F & P and the A & LM were sister railroads and have recently been sold to Gennessee & Wyoming. The two sisters are reportedly very busy and successful. During its life, the AD&N carried lumber, plywood, paper products and chemicals.

Thanks to Eric Augatis for contributing information about this route.

The earliest predecessor of the Ashley Drew & Northern was the Crossett Railway Company, a tapline owned by the Crossett Lumber Company. By 1912, the Crossett Railway extended 10 miles north from Crossett to Stephens, Arkansas, and leased another eight miles from the Crossett Lumber Company to Duncan, Arkansas, a total of 18 miles. The CM&N was organized in May 1912 to acquire the Crossett Railway and extend it to Monticello. The CM&N owned the line only 5 months before it was changed to the AD&N in September 1912. The branch shown on the map north and east of Fountain Hill was not part of the AD&N or its predecessors. It was one of several Crossett Lumber Company logging spurs.

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Sometime in the early 1980's, Model Railroader had a 2-part feature about the A D & N, showing the railroad, it's rolling stock & locomotives, and also a model track plan. I was always fascinated with it, thanks to those articles.

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