Creamery to Mesa

The Mesa Branch

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I do not have any information on this abandoned route. If you know anything about this route, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you!

Not even close on the map location.

This branch is almost impossible to find today, past the jct for the power plant at University and McClintock, all the way over through North Mesa and looping back to the SP/AE main at Center and 3rd Ave in Mesa.

It's clear that the NW part of the loop followed the route of what is now E 8th in Tempe - and that the SE part of the loop followed E 3rd in Mesa before curving to the north and following what is now S. Pomeroy St. Between those two points, I can only guess.

There is some industry still at the end of that branch on E 8th, served by UP where it joins the Phoenix secondary main.

The "Tempe To Mesa" section actually deals with most of this branch. This branch and that one should be combined into one opage

Greg R
Tempe, AZ

[Thanks for locating this line -- I was unable to find it using Google Maps and estimated poorly, I'm afraid.  —Greg Harrison]


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